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Since 1956 the mission of CRI has been reclaiming God’s resources for His purposes. We have done this by asking people to share their bookshelves that are filled with Bibles and God’s teaching tools. Once we have received those materials, CRI sends them around the world, therefore sowing God’s word into the lives of those who cannot afford it. CRI is equipping orphans, evangelists, pastors and missionaries for the works of service all the while setting up distribution centers, lending libraries, bible college libraries, and holding crusades. The mission of CRI has planted its first ever Bible Distribution Centers in Nigeria and the Philippines and has begun with the endeavor to plant more all over the world. CRI has sent over $272 Million in bibles and Christian teaching tools to over 170 Nations around the world. When you give financially, donate bibles; commentaries; and Christian books, you are becoming a book missionary and aligning yourself with the mission to Share, Send, and Sow God’s Word!

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Thank you from the Philippines...

It is with great appreciation that I write this note. Your pastoral library was waiting for me as I returned from my duties yesterday afternoon and when I saw the box, I immediately knew what it was and tears began to fill my eyes. I am so thankful that your network of champions consists of caring believers willing to sacrifice their own money so that I could enjoy the benefit of these resources. It is nothing short of a miracle. Will you pass along my thanks to the champion who sponsored this wonderful gift? Blessings to you!

Pastor Lauten

CRI has donated $272 million in materials to over 170 countries.

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BY Becca Herr / Newsletters / 2 COMMENTS

cri-photo-16CRI just recently shipped a container to Jos, Nigeria, a city of around 900,000 people, containing 30,000 Bibles. This city is one of many in Nigeria under persecution from the Boko Haram terrorist group. Read More »

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Imagine a place where people who live in extreme poverty can go and get God’s word absolutely free. Whether you are currently seeking God, just recently gave your life to God, or are wanting to be a leader, pastor or evangelist, the CRI Distribution locations provide the materials you need for your personal and congregational spiritual growth for free!

Distribution centers are locations that we have strategically set up around the globe that will allow people easy and free access to the word of God.

These are simple but profound facilities helping us make sure we can get the word distributed quickly — whether through our CRI Missionaries or those from other denominations. 

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